Wednesday, November 24, 2010

What are some examples of life changing mistakes?

Hi. So I'm writing a story and have a character who has completely turned his life around, he is only in high school, but still has lost interest in everything. I know everything about my character, i know he's made a mistake but i cant find a good enough mistake that would change his life so much. Can anyone help?

Some examples: Mom died, got in a car accident, ect...

I just need some fresh ideas. :)What are some examples of life changing mistakes?Something that can be life changing to a high schooler. Getting a girl pregnant.What are some examples of life changing mistakes?Having sex with a girl and got her pregnant by accident.What are some examples of life changing mistakes?dropping out of high school, getting into an accident, getting diagnosed with leukemia, being charged with a federal crime, having a relative die, changing careers, losing your house, being kicked out of the country for fraud, etc.etc.What are some examples of life changing mistakes?.drived drunk and friend died in car crash


.drugsWhat are some examples of life changing mistakes?drugs, impregnate someone , family member died, gets expelled from school, doesn't get into the college she wants, ummmmmmmmmmm accidentally kills someone :/ or another crime, house burns down, parents caught cheating, the list goes on :)What are some examples of life changing mistakes?-loved the wrong girl.

-drove drunk and killed someone

-was cruel to a nice person.What are some examples of life changing mistakes?ran away from home....shot somebody.....parents died...parents divorceWhat are some examples of life changing mistakes?He got drunk, had a one night stand and got knocked up. The guy never called back.What are some examples of life changing mistakes?he killed his friend on accident playing with a gun , gf blamed him in suicide note,- its hard because most kids aren't in situations to mess up anything majorWhat are some examples of life changing mistakes?ok maybe his friend reveals to him that he is suffering from depression and it is growing serious. This guy is naive so tries to avoid the subject where necessary as he doesn't fully understand. One night his friend phones him and tells him he is feeling suicidal. Stupidly, this guy chooses to make his excuses and hang up. The next morning on his way to school he walks past his friends house and finds a bodybag being wheeled into an ambulance. He discovers just two minutes after hanging up, his friend took his own life. This could change the character as he becomes paranoid that someone will discover what he did and call him a murderer and he will forever ask himself what if.


this character panics so much in his final high school exams that he doubts his chances of entering university so he cheats and passes comfortably and he is accepted into the university he wanted to study at. However, the smartest pupil in his class shockingly fails by a few marks and ends up having to work harder than ever to gain a place in a university. This fills him up with so much guilt that he cannot truly celebrate his success and he faces a dilemma where he could risk his future by owning up.

hope these help